We would like to kindly remind you that the current sanitary restrictions related to COVID-19 should be applied at the Meta Hotel and during conference sessions.


IOS 2022 Conference programme - click here



Additional information about events in the programme:


Monday 28.02.2022,  17:30-18:15

MUSIC GLANCE – for more information about ALTRA VOLTA STRING QUARTET click here


Tuesday 01.03.2022,  14.30 – 18.20

High Technologies for Photonics - IMiO, CEZAMAT and VIGO alliance Session


Tuesday 01.03.2022,  20.00

Festive Supper (Banquet) in the initial part, the performance of the jazz band "CSW Trio" - for more information click here


Wednesday 02.03.2022,  14.00 – 18.20

National Laboratory for Photonics and Quantum Technologies NLPQT Session - for more information about NLPQT Project click here


Thursday 03.03.2022,  13.50 – 15.50


QUantum-effect-based Nanosensing and imaging: Novel glass-diamond photonic approach for the next generation biodiagnostic Applications – QUNNA Session – for more information about the QUNNA Project click here